Core Technology
The world's first amazing sensor
Langualess co. ltd. has developed a novel and innovative acoustic heart rate sensor.
The sensor is equipped with robust noise filter which allows sensing over dogs' thick fur, without shaving or wetting, and can accurately monitor heart activity even while the dog is in action.
By the invention of our sensor, dogs' heart rate monitoring became amazingly easy.
RT-HRV System
We have accumulated heart rate variability (HRV) data of dogs in various situations, and found some relations in HRV data pattern and the dogs' situation.
From this finding, we have built Rt-HRV algorithm (Rt is for Real time) a modified HRV analysis algorithm designed to create graphical patterns from HRV data, approximately every 3 seconds.
We are also updating our “Rt-HRV analysis” to learn relation between HRV patterns and health issues.
Heart rate monitoring for animals, which had been considered difficult, is now dramatically simplified, and is expected to be applied in animal health care, researches, pet care, and livestock industries, to provide better QOL to animals.